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As a teacher, we will ask you for your bank details. We do not collect nor store these details, but are required so that you can accept payments online through the platform. There are no costs or fees taken from your lesson fees to process the payment. We are a strong believer that if you you shouldn’t have to pay or lose money accepting fees online.

Muzikboxx works by connecting music teachers with students who are looking for music lessons. Teachers can create a profile on the platform and list their availability, teaching experience, and the types of music lessons they offer. Students can search for teachers based on their location, instrument, and availability, and then book lessons directly through the platform. Once students hire and connect with a teacher, lessons can commence. The teacher will then schedule the student in for a lesson or lessons (if they charge for example by a term) at an agreed upon time with the student, done via our in built communications system. Once the lesson is scheduled, the teacher can issue invoices for the upcoming lessons. The teacher can deduct any discounts from the lesson fees on each invoice accordingly (e.g. first lesson free, creative kids vouchers etc) before issuing the invoice. The invoice will appear in the student’s account. The student (or their parent) can then click on the invoice and pay directly through our online payment system. Once the payment is processed, the invoice will be marked as paid. If either the teacher or student needs to reschedule the lesson, you can request a change of lesson time within the app. This of course will be dependent on whether the teacher has their own policies for lesson cancellations and rescheduling. During the lesson, the teacher can upload files for the student’s practice. The teacher can also set tasks for the student’s at home practice such as writing down which scales, exercises, and pieces the student needs to work on. As the student works on these tasks, the student can tick them off they go along. If you like us to add a feature, please click the feedback button and let us know!

You can search for music teachers on Muzikboxx by entering your location, instrument, and preferred lesson type. The platform will then show you a list of available teachers who match your criteria. You can browse their profiles and select a teacher that meets your needs.

Muzikboxx offers a wide variety of music lessons, for all instruments including but not limited to guitar lessons, piano lessons, vocal lessons, drum lessons, and violin lessons.

The cost of music lessons on Muzikboxx may vary depending on the teacher, the instrument, and the length of the lesson. Typically, lessons are charged by either the half hour, 45 minutes, or the hour. Qualified teachers who are also members of their state Music Teacher’s Associations are required to charge minimum fees as set by the organisations. Please visit your relevant state’s Music Teacher’s Association website for more details: NSW: Qld: Vic: SA: WA: Tas:

Payment for music lessons may be handled through the platform. Students can typically pay for lessons using a credit card or other online payment method. The platform may also charge a processing fee for each lesson booked through the platform. The Muzikboxx payment platform accepts all cards including MasterCard, Visa and Amex.

Payments can take up to 2 business days to arrive into your account. Please note that the first payment from a new student may take up to 72 hours to process.

You can cancel the lesson directly in the app and request to reschedule the lesson also within the app. Each music teacher may have their own cancellation policy, so it is important to review this or ask the teacher directly before booking a lesson. In some cases, teachers may require a certain amount of notice before a lesson can be cancelled or rescheduled (such as 24 hours notice).

If you have a problem or complaint about a music teacher, you can flag the message the teacher has sent or typically contact the platform’s customer support team for assistance. We may be able to help you resolve the issue. It is also a good idea to leave a review of the teacher on the platform to let other students know about your experience.

If you wish to have your profile verified on our directory, you will need to provide your WWCC details. The details are then checked directly against the relevant WWCC databases in all states across Australia. This is to ensure that all users on our platform are safe.

When you sign up to Muzikboxx, you will be asked to provide your address. If you do not want your address to be shown publicly on website, you can simple type: “Provided on Request”. However, we do recommend that you correctly enter the main suburb you teach in, as our directory search sort results based on location.

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