About Muzikboxx

Muzikboxx is a music education platform that is designed to help music teachers and students connect and collaborate more effectively.

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Made for Teachers

Muzikboxx is a revolutionary music education platform that is specifically designed for music teachers. Our platform offers a suite of features that make it easy for music teachers to find and manage students, as well as provide more effective feedback.

One of the standout features of Muzikboxx is its comprehensive teacher directory. This powerful tool allows music teachers to list their profiles and connect with potential students in their local area or anywhere in Australia, regardless if they teach in person or online. This feature helps music teachers to expand their reach and find new students more easily, especially in regional areas or locations where certain instrumental teachers are scarce, which helps to make music more accessible to everyone.

In addition to the teacher directory, Muzikboxx also provides a range of tools that help teachers save time and manage their students more effectively. Our platform includes features such as scheduling and calendar management tools, invoicing functionality and online payments, analytics, student communication and goal setting tools, and the ability to upload and share files with students. These tools help teachers stay organized and provide more personalized and effective instruction to their students.

We believe that music education should be accessible to everyone, and our platform is designed to make it easy for music teachers to connect with students, teach effectively and manage their business efficiently. Join Muzikboxx today and experience the difference our platform can make in your music teaching career.

Made for students and parents

Muzikboxx is the ultimate music education platform for students and teachers alike.

With Muzikboxx, students have access to resources from their teacher for at-home practice, such as sheet music, recordings, and lesson notes, making it easy to continue learning and perfecting their craft outside of the classroom.

We also understand the importance of practice tools, that’s why we’ve included a free in-built metronome and chromatic tuner for students to use as part of their learning and practice, which helps in improving timing and pitch accuracy. Additionally, students can set weekly goals with their teacher, work on them during their weekly practice sessions, and track their progress, which helps to stay motivated and focused on their musical journey.

Muzikboxx also provides a seamless experience for parents, they can access invoices and pay for lessons through our secure online payment system, powered by Stripe. Furthermore, parents can view their child’s lesson schedule and make requests to change lessons, as well as communicate with their child’s teacher, which ensures a smooth and streamlined experience for all parties involved.

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The process

How Muzikboxx works


Sign Up and Create an Account

Click the sign up button or join now button in the menu. Select whether you are music teacher or student. Create an account.


Connect with your teacher/students

Use our directory to find a new teacher and connect with them. For teachers with existing students or students who have existing teachers, in the dashboard, click the invite a student/teacher button in the left-hand menu bar.


Start Learning

Students have access to resources from their teacher for at-home practice, such as ametronome, a tuner sheet music, recordings, and lesson notes, making it easy to continue learning and perfecting their craft outside of the studio.


Start Teaching

Let Muzikboxx take care of your calendar management, scheduling, invoicing, and payments so that you can focus on doing what you do best – teaching music!

About the Founder of Muzikboxx

Monica Rouvellas, the founder of Muzikboxx, is a highly trained and experienced musician and music educator, having completed a Bachelor of Music with 1st Class Honours from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney and a PhD (in completion) at the University of Technology, Sydney. With a background in classical violin and composition, Monica has a deep understanding of the intricacies of music education and the challenges that both teachers and students face.

With over 15 years of experience as a music teacher, Monica has seen firsthand the struggles that students and teachers encounter on a weekly basis. She noticed that while some students excelled with a supportive environment and regular practice, others struggled with time constraints or a lack of guidance at home. Additionally, Monica found that managing students, organizing lessons, and collecting payments was often a time-consuming, costly and often stressful task due to the lack of a comprehensive platform that could handle all of these tasks.

Frustrated by these challenges, Monica decided to create a solution that would address these issues and make music education more accessible and efficient for everyone. And thus, Muzikboxx was born, a comprehensive platform that addresses the needs of both music teachers and students, by providing a range of tools and resources to help them connect, collaborate and improve their music education experience.