Muzikboxx Students

Do you find it difficult to find time to practice? Do you struggle to remember what was done in lessons? Do you struggle to set yourself goals?


Muzikboxx provides tools to help students like you practice and learn your musical instruments and to make the most out of your music lessons.


Main Features


Set goals

Achieve success by setting and accomplishing specific goals with the guidance of your teacher during lessons and through self-practice at home. Monitor your progress by regularly checking off your goals each week.


Metronome & Chromatic Tuner

Enhance your musical abilities with Muzikboxx’s complimentary metronome and chromatic tuner tools, designed to assist in perfecting your rythm and pitch while you hone your skills through practise.


Access Resources

Elevate your learning experience with the ability yo access and share files, recordings and sheet music directly through the app with your teacher. In addition, gain insight and inspiration from our vast library of educational articles, authored by esteemed music educators from across Australia, all available at no cost to you.


Muzikboxx Parents

Muzikboxx is not just for students, but for parents as well. Within our online portal, you can easily manage your child’s lesson schedule, effortlessly reschedule lessons, pay teachers, and stay connected with your child’s teacher all in one place. In addition, explore the opportunity for your child to learn a new instrument with our Australia-wide directory of qualified teachers, easily accessible through the website and online portal.

The process

How Muzikboxx works


Find and connect safely with a teacher

Discover the perfect instructor for your needs, whether it be online or in-person, by browsing our comprehensive Australia-wide database of experienced teachers. Rest easy knowing that all teachers featured on our platform have undergone and passed a valid Working With Children Check. Connect with your current teacher by inviting them to join the Muzikboxx platform or by requesting a connection link from them.


Schedule Lessons with a click of a button

Efficiently schedule and manage your lessons with your teacher. Our app allows you to easily coordinate your lesson times and make adjustments as needed, with the ability to request a change in lesson time with the simple click of a button.


Hassle-free payments

Effortlessly manage your payments to your teacher through our user-friendly platform. Simply open the invoice, click the “pay now” button, and securely enter your credit card information in our Stripe-powered payment portal. With just a few easy steps, your payment is processed and complete.


Start Learning!

Streamline your learning experience by utilising our integrated communication feature to connect with your teacher within the platform. Collaborate to set and achieve goals, utilise our built-in metronome and tuner tools to enhance your at-home practice, and access your teacher’s provided resources all in one convenient location.

Free for students

Begin your musical journey with ease by simply clicking the sign-up button and start exploring the world of music today!

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