Refunds Policy


We do not offer refunds for:

  • any teacher subscriptions purchased on Muzikboxx.
  • Renewal payments. If you don’t want your subscription to renew automatically, you can cancel your subscription in the Teacher portal at any time.

Student Lessons paid through Muzikboxx

  • A request for a refund of a Lesson may be submitted by the Student to the Teacher but only within twenty-four (24) hours from the scheduled commencement of that Lesson (Refund Request). All Refund Request must be made via the User account on our Platform using the Teacher Chat function.
  • All submissions by a Student for Refund Requests are notified to the relevant Teacher.
  • Refund Requests are to be managed by the Teacher. We do not process and are not involved in Refund Requests. If you are a Student and you believe that a Teacher has not managed a Refund Request appropriately, please contact the Teacher.


Cancellation of Lessons

  • Students agree that Cancellations will not result in the automatic refund of Tuition Fees in all circumstances.
  • If a Teacher has their account cancelled and/or suspended by us, or terminates their account at any time (for any reason), the applicable Students who have made Bookings with that Teacher will receive a refund for any cancelled Lessons that have not yet been completed by that Teacher.
  • If Booking Requests are rejected or unsuccessful for any reason (for example, due to another Booking Request having been requested for the same time slot), the unsuccessful Student will be notified and the Tuition Fees will be refunded in their entirety to the Student.
  • We may cancel any payments made via our Platform, with respect to any payments made erroneously by us to any User.