Teach music—without the administrative hassle

If you’re a music teacher, you’re not just doing a job—you’re doing something you love and you want others to experience the joys of music.

But, conducting music classes isn’t always as glamorous as it seems, since you’ll need to spend a lot of time on operational activities, like invoicing and planning class schedules.

This is where Muzikboxx comes in!

Muzikboxx is a purpose-built platform that helps you make managing your music teaching business more straightforward—so you can focus more on teaching.

What Muzikboxx can do


Streamline student management

Muzikboxx can help you manage communications with your students, allowing you to build strong relationships.


Powerful invoicing and scheduling

With Muzikboxx, you can easily keep track of payments from your students and create class schedules.


Market yourself with ease

Muzikboxx allows you to make yourself visible to potential students who’re interested in learning music.


Organise in-person or online classes

Muzikboxx lets you teach in-person and online classes.

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The Muzikboxx Story

Muzikboxx is a revolutionary platform that empowers music teachers and students alike to unlock their full potential and elevate their musical journey. With its accessible and user-friendly design, it aims to bridge the gap between teachers and students, making music lessons more efficient and effective. Whether you’re a teacher looking to streamline your studio management or a student seeking inspiration and motivation to practice, Muzikboxx is here to help you achieve your goals and ignite your passion for music.

Monica Rouvellas CEO